A fast-paced battle game that’s easy to learn but challenging to master!

Fun for the Whole Family!

“Kinda like Checkers or Chess, but with

Dice 🎲 Battles 💥

Younger players catch on easily and enjoy endless fun! Next add Obstacles, Portals, or the Chance Die for more excitement.  Ready for more?  Capture the Flag variation adds a whole new dimension of strategy and excitement!

How to Play

Easy to Learn – A Challenge to Master!

Full-color illustrated instructions included with each set.


Attack, Stack or Eliminate all of the other player’s dice to win!


Roll all 6 dice. Line them up on the back row. The number on top is each die’s range.


Move or Attack on your turn.  Attacking and defending die are rolled – lowest number wins the square!

Choose Your Favorite Themes

Fire vs Ice

Lava vs Lightning

Aurora vs Nebula

Fire Wizards

vs Jade Dragons

Radioactive Jellyfish

vs Lazer Sharks

Psyco Singing Unicorns 

vs Alien Cats

Easy to Learn 

A Challenge to Master

The top number on each die is it’s range. Move or Attack, but you’ll have to roll a lower number than your opponent to win each battle! Add Obstacles and Portals, or the Chance Die for more great fun. Ready for more strategy? Try the Capture the Flag variation for a whole new dimension of strategy and excitement!

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What a nice dice game. The game has a nice take-me-anywhere design in a bag with a logo, all parts in plastics but high-quality. The idea of this dice game is easy and effect-loaded. Several matches further I am still mixing up the rules on how to remove dice. Thanks so far for the kind service.


Kosching, Germany

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

My boys have been playing Dice Attack, NON-STOP since they got home. 😎 🥳



Logan, Utah

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This game is AWESOME!  We played it with our grandkids and liked it so much we bought all 6 so we can play it when the family gets together.  It’s compact too, so it’s easy to travel with.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

We just bought this game and have played it multiple times and love it. Very easy with younger kids and fun with the older kids.

Emmalie Gull


Combine sets for


Start with any 2 player set and add your favorites!

We hope you enjoy the game!



Inventor / Creator

Dice Attack was created by 10yrs old Keean after a gentle but discouraging conversation about how crazy difficult it would be to invent a new board game… “Son, board games are really hard to develop. It has to be easy-to-learn but fun to play — not to mention original and unique…”  After some thought, he came back the next day and said, “Dad, I got it!” smile

Keean has been deeply involved with every step of the development, from design to play balancing and sourcing to pricing, including several months of testing.  But, he also appreciates the valuable help from his many friends who have enjoyed playing and testing and suggested great ideas along the way.




Designer / Dad

After that regretfully discouraging conversation about how difficult it would be to invent a new board game, Keean’s “Got it!” was met with an added measure of disbelief, however, it didn’t take long to be convinced. His game checked all the boxes Dad had to eat some humble pie.  “We brainstormed all sorts of names and couldn’t believe it when ‘DiceAttack.com’ was available! It was all coming together, so went to work!” 

A year later, Dice Attack is finding it’s way to families and hearts everywhere!

Thank you for your kind support! We hope you enjoy the game!

Play Balanced for Years of Fun!

Balanced Game Play

Dice Attack’s fast-paced game play keeps everyone engaged!  Think you’re winning? THINK AGAIN!

Chance & Strategy

Kids tend to like chance-based games, while adults like more strategy.  Dice Attack offers the flexibility for both!

Video Instructions

Watch easy-to-follow instructions on how to play AND strategies to master. Plus tons of funny bonus videos!

Fun for All Ages

Dice Attack is great for kids 8 all the way up to 88!  Dice Attack also works great for 2 players all the way up to 12!

Crazy Themes!

Matching dice

  • 6 Different Game Sets
  • Now with Matching Custom Dice for Each Set