DICE ATTACK – Psycho Singing Unicorns vs Alien Cats

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Psycho Singing Unicorns 🦄 vs Alien Cats 🙀


2 - Player Game Set – Expandable to 6 or more players! Each set adds 1-2 additional players.

🎲  Set includes

  Playmat  🔲  Quality Neoprene Game Mat
12    Dice 🎲  2 sets of 6 matching 16mm custom pip dice 🎲x6 🎲x6
  Cards 🔳  4 Obstacles ◻️ ◻️ ◻️ ◻️, 2 Hiding Spots 🔳 🔳 , and 2 Portals 🌀🌀
  Flags ⛳  
1    Chance Die  🎲 
  Instruction Sheet 📃  Fully illustrated
  Carry Bag 👜  Black velour sinch bag for storage or travel
  Battle Marker 🔴  Red Chip (The Chance Die can also be used to mark the battle square during gameplay.)


🎲  What is DICE ATTACK!

Dice Attack is a fast-paced battle game that’s easy-to-learn but challenging to master! Think Checkers or Chess, with Dice Battles! (but also obstacles, hiding spots, and portals!) Younger players catch on easily and enjoy endless fun while older players (and young alike) will enjoy adding Obstacles and Portals, or the Chance Die. Ready for more? Try the Capture the Flag variation for a whole new dimension of strategy and excitement! Each set is a 2 Person Game — Expandable to 6 or more by adding your favorite sets! (Adds 1-2 additional players with each set!)

We're excited to share one of the best new kids' games for 2020! (Maybe the only good thing to come from the whole year!😂),

    • Created by a 10yr old (with a little graphic design help from dad)
    • Recommended for ages 8 to 88
    • Average Playtime - 15 min. (20-30 min with more players)
    • Perfect Stocking stuffer! 🎁🎄🎅
    • Fun for Kids! Fun for the whole family!
    • FREE Shipping 📦 See for details
    • COVID Safe! Limited game-piece sharing – Game set is waterproof and washable.* (*except for the instruction sheet 😉)
Thank you for supporting our young entrepreneur!

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